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Elise : Full magnetic bracelet


zenteq ™ Elise:

Crafted in superior nickel free stainless steel, the Elise is a perfect everyday item. It features brushed stainless steel with14 k embellishments. The Elise has a strong, modern silhouette yet the 14 k gold details offer a touch of tantalizing grace.

This shapely design features all rare-earth magnets and an easy-to-use tilt-top closure. The Elise is easy to mix and match with other Zenteq jewellery. Incorporating magnetic assets, this bracelet is a desirable addition to your jewellery box.

Side effects? No known side effects (World Health Organisation)

Sizing: Measure your wrist and add 1 centimeter.

Please do not use if you are pregnant or if you are wearing a pacemaker.

Lifetime Guarantee on the Magnetic Energies, one year warranty against defects.

"Have slept much better,irritable bowels syndrome improved.Thank you for standing by your product." Mrs Adams 70 Greendale  03/03/2014

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